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Bozovich Wellness Center opened in 2008. Since then, we have treated a variety of conditions and helped hundreds of patients not just become pain free, but taught them how to remain pain free with simple exercises and stretches they can perform at home.

Our office utilizes a variety of treatments that includes physiotherapy, neuromuscular re-education, manual therapy, kinesiotaping, chiropractic care, massage, and rehabilitation. We have had tremendous success with issues such as pain in the low back, upper back, shoulders, neck, mid back, knees, hips, feet, and the list goes on. We are a great option for patients looking for an effective treatment that does not require medicine, surgery, or long physical therapy sessions. Our doctor is often able to decide if the condition is something we are able to treat in 1-3 visits. If she decides she is unable to help, we have a great network of doctors and practitioners to refer you to if needed. If you have been experiencing pain for more than a few days and are unsure where to go, we are a great first step. We look at the area of pain, and also the entire body. Many times, pain is associated more with an area of the body that is compensating for an entirely different area of the body. You can mask the pain with drugs or surgery, but if the initial problem is not fixed, pain will arise again elsewhere in the body. This can make for a vicious cycle of pain medications and/or surgery over long periods of time. Our passive and conservative treatments help to alleviate not only the pain, but also stabilize the problem areas that are actually causing the pain. Our techniques are gentle, fast, and proven to get results.

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