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Tiffany Bozovich, DC

I am a lifelong resident of Northwest Indiana. I was born and reside in Chesterton with my husband Tom and two children Lyla and Lucas. After sustaining multiple knee injuries and four knee surgeries as a teenager, I looked into the conservative health care field for more understanding once my basketball career ended. I always had an interest in muscles and anatomy, and that proved to be my calling once I graduated from Denison and began my journey into chiropractic school.

During my four years at NUHS, I started a sports rehab club where we teamed up with local sporting events and helped treat athletes. I found my passion. I knew there was a better way than the route I had taken after my knee injuries. I was sent directly from the athletic trainer at my high school to an orthopedic surgeon, where I was given two options: Stop playing basketball or have surgery to try to "fix" the problem.

It became apparent that my problem was not fixable with surgery when I was told after the last one that I could no longer run. Ten years after my surgeon told me that, I ran again. I ran 1 mile. I took everything I learned from school, other practitioners I met, athletes I had treated in school and my own knowledge of my injuries and I "fixed" my problem. Two years after I ran that first mile, I ran my first marathon.

I think it's important for patients to understand that there are other treatments out there besides the standard course that the major medical community presents today. There are great alternative and conservative therapies that are attaining amazing results and I'm glad to be a part of that group of practitioners. My passion is to treat those that want to get better. I love helping athletes, but I also treat children, grandparents and everyone in between.