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What to expect from your first visit

Prior to your first visit, you will receive a link to fill out all of our intake forms. Dr. Bozovich will review those forms before you are seen in our office. When you arrive at the office, you will have a couple of papers to sign and then you will meet with Dr. Bozovich. If you have any X-ray or MRI reports, please bring those with you. If you have any other information or tests that you think might be helpful with your problem, please bring those as well. During your first visit with Dr. Bozovich, she will get a detailed health history and ask you questions about your current problem. Once she has gathered all of the information she needs, she will do a thorough exam, looking at your posture, joints, muscles, and the way you move. Wearing comfortable clothing is recommended. After the examination, Dr. Bozovich will answer any questions you might have. She will then put together a treatment plan that she will go over on your second visit. The first visit is usually about 45-60 minutes.